The art of analysis

Claws & Horns is an independent analytical agency providing comprehensive daily digest and set of necessary analytical tools.

MT4/5 feeder

With this service integrated into the MT4/MT5 trading platforms, your clients get analytical reviews delivered directly to the trading terminal.

Mobile App

Stay updated on the most important analytical releases with Claws & Horns mobile app.

«Claws & Horns» Services

Your clients receive analysis of the 10 most popular technical indicators.
Claws & Horns experts provide your clients with trading signals which can help them to confirm own ideas and strategies. Now traders can feel more confident about their trades.
Comprehensive analysis of economic indicators and statistical releases as well as their possible impact on currency exchange rates.
Complex approaches, based on the most popular indicators, allowing you to provide quick and accurate forecasts for your clients.
In weekly video reviews, Claws & Horns experts provide precise analysis of the possible market dynamics.
Our calendar of macroeconomic events allows your clients to build their trading strategy based on the key indicators of the global economy.
With this service integrated into the MT4/MT5 trading platforms, your clients get analytical reviews delivered directly to the trading terminal.
Your clients can address any questions to the Claws & Horns experts on the market situation, and get comprehensive answers within the shortest possible time.
This service allows brokers to use their corporate colors and company logos in the client’s area.
Mobile App

Services provided by Claws & Horns are always close at hand. Get access to all kinds of analysis from anywhere in the world.

As Claws & Horns services are constantly updated, you always receive the latest analytical reviews.

Security and protection
Claws & Horns app guarantees the high level of data security and protection.

Clients are using analytics

According to statistics, between 35% to 55% of active clients are using analytical services from C&H


Turnover increase

With the help of professional analytical services from C&H your company’s turnover increases. A prolonged period of service consumption allows for the additional turnover increase.

Lifetime value of a customer

By using analytical services form C&H you increase your customer lifetime value more than two times

Client feedback

Dmitriy Petrenko, HiwayFx
Executive Director
“Claws & Horns” provides such deep and intricate analysis which is completely unique, and unlike any other Company I’ve worked with in the past. The results speak for themselves, and our clients keep coming back time and time again to stay updated on the latest market trends. Due to the numerous profitable trading signals provided every day, the lifespan of our clients has only increased.
Igor Bulgar, First Binary Option
Executive Director
For us, one of the main benefits was the possibility of full service integration into the trading area of the client’s cabinet, thus making the use of the service for the end consumer – traders, quick an easy. In addition, an important role that was played when choosing between analytical services was the wide range of analytical tools, and we saw that they fully met the requirements of a modern trader.
Kristina Leonova, MAYZUS Investment Company
Executive Director
We decided to choose "Claws & Horns" analytical service after we tried their free trial version. We saw that they have everything our clients needed in one place, and the feedback from our clients was extremely positive.


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Educational video course
Weekly video reviews
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Trading signals
Daily digest of macroeconomic releases
Economic calendar + MT4 terminal indicator
Holidays schedule
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Ex-Dividend Dates
FX glossary
Global economic indicators
Trading strategies
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LANGUAGES (additional 9)
Portal for broker’s website
API and methods for your mobile APP (Android and IOS)
Development of unique branded application for you (Android and IOS) Not included. Contact us for more info
Full branding for your company
(Colors/logo for portal, widgets, video, articles)


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